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About myself
I can describe myself like very a hard-working, confident, honest, easy-going, enthusiastic and creative person.What is more, I am a tolerant person I have nothing to against to other religion and beliefs. Besides that, my friends can describe me as helpful, sympathetic, honest and kind. I am a very energetic person and have always a lot of hobbies. I am interested in sports, especially volleyball and tennis, skiing and horse riding. Furthermore, I go to the gym in order to be fit and in a good shape. Moreover, I appreciate a good sense of humor! What is more, I try to be interested in reading books, horse riding and cooking! I really like traveling to different countries and soak up the atmosphere of different traditions! In the future I'm going to visit many countries of the world, in various remote and places with beautiful scenery.
About him
Frankly speaking, I believe in the concept of love and marriage and expect my partner to believe in the same. That is why, I am looking for a handsome, ambitious and courageous man who keeps his commitments and promises. I would like to find a polite, honest, reliable, sincere, kind, caring person. My man would be willing for new trips and new experience and be a real gentleman with noble and sincere qualities. I believe in love, and take my relationship with my partner seriously. In my opinion, age, culture and language are not the obstacles for real love. To my mind, we would respect, value, support and care about each other. It is important to be a genuinely respectful person, to maintain healthy relationships in all aspects of his life. I want to feel protected, secured and comfortable with my beloved. To my mind, we would enjoy every minute of our being together.