Beautiful girls
About myself
I am a very cheerful lady, I am kind and energetic! I am always busy with something and I develop my personality within my sphere of activity. I am calm and goal-oriented. I wish to find the love of my life to create a lasting family!
My interests are diverse: photography, traveling, active rest, and meeting with friends! I like the art! My favorite activity is to go to the theater when we have a new play by our local troupe or plays starring famous actors from Kyiv or Moscow.
About him
I am looking for my future husband! He is reliable, smart, kind, and caring, he also possesses a great sense of humor! I will appreciate if my man wants to develop professionally. I believe faithfulness is very important in a relationship, so I am looking for an honest and devoted man, too. I hope my man to be able to trust me, I think it is significant that my husband respects women and treats them well.