About myself
I think that it is common for everyone to make a picture of yourself not only from your personal vision but also based on opinion of close people ;)! Well, I can tell about myself that I am a communicable, very open, sincere and positive person who appreciates close people the most in life. And my close people say that I am kind, cheerful, responsive and caring person.:)
About him
My man….hmmm...not easy! Well, let’s try to describe him! I think he will be loving, loyal and caring. Cheerful the same like I am….so, we make a good team;) But at the same time strong, purposeful and hard working. I see him as communicable and open minded person with whom it is easy to find compromise when it comes to important life decisions. Oh, and it is also important for me to know he is not aggressive. And if he does not have bad habits it is a huge plus:))