About myself
I am a romantic, honest, generous and sincere person. The biggest part of my life I spent in the warm and loving family. It gives me pleasure to take care of my dearest and nearest. I have a lot of friends and a job, but I want to feel love and romance again. ;)
I'm one of those women who prefer romantic stroll under the moon to spending time in the nice restaurant. Also I'm optimistic and believe that in the world there are more good people than bad.
I like to live and to enjoy life.
About him
I search for a kind-hearted man, who has a good sense of humor, easy-going, who has respect for women. I'm sure no one can find a perfect man or woman, but when you fall in love, that person becomes special and the most important in your life. I want serious relationships with someone whom I can trust and rely on. I want to be loved and to love. Usually it is difficult to find a person who will be both spiritually and physically close to someone, but I believe it is possible for me! ;) It may sound strange but I believe in love at first sight :)) For this to happen you must meet the right person and soul will just recognize him easily. :) I want my beloved to be not only a man of word but also a man of action. And in my turn I want to create a cozy family home, where love and harmony will always prevail!
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