About myself
I am lady with a sign of Cancer, so you might expect the surprises ;)) I have a calm and well-balanced temper, I have a good and witty sense of humor and take my life ad its presents with gratefulness. I love my children most of all in this life and I am so proud of them! I consider myself a talented person with all the gifts that I have from the nature :) There is always cleanness in my house and tasty dinner on the table. And my warm house is always open for the guests :) I just wish I didn't invite them alone ;)
About him
I am looking for a man with a positive outlook on life and well-balanced temper who will support me in all beginnings and activities ;) I want him to have a healthy way of life because I want a healthy family. It may seem to you that I am looking for my perfect reflection, but everything depends on a person :) Even the people with contrast characters can have a wonderful life together! It is just important to see the beautiful things in each other and treat each other with love and respect, right? :)
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