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About myself
My friends say I’m a very easy-going person, very social, active and optimistic. I can be different in some situations. Sometimes I’m shy, sometimes I’m too active. Also I have philosophical thoughts and want to dream a bit. My favorite season is winter. But I want to feel warmth and care of my close people. I like good food and beautiful flowers such as roses and gladioluses. I always find positive moment in some sad situation. And try to stay optimistic in life.
I am lady with many different interests in my life. I’m good in chess and billiard. I play professionally these games. I’m learning to play the guitar as I adore music. I like to learn poems by heart. I’m interested in reading esoteric books and other types of literature. I am very active person. I can’t stay inactive. So I’m also interested in swimming. I also attend the swimming pool. Moreover I like dancing and other kinds of sport.
About him
I dream of a special man. Not the best one for everybody but the best for me. I want him to be smart, intelligent and talented. I want him to support me in my creativity and it would be nice that he is also a creative person . Maybe a musician. A man who is attentive, serious, versatile and able to make me happy as I can make him happy too.