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About myself
I think I am a combination of tenderness, passion and warmth. I will always support, listen and give my care. I meet this world with a wide smile and a kind, open heart. I adore animals, I have dog and cat at home and also I’m a volunteer at an animal shelter. I’m big travel lover, I visited more than 15 countries and I’m ready to open new places and cultures. And I dream to do this with my man. I’m also good in cooking tasty home-made food! Ukrainian, Italian, some Japanese and French cuisine. I'm really good at this. Perhaps I am not an angel and I have dark sides. But I think I will only show them to my man. I think that for someone they may seem, on the contrary, a big plus. Right?
About him
I am looking for man who is ready to jump in life with big big love, right now. I really want to start a family and have children with a loving person. I have traditional family values. And no matter how much I love my job, family will always come first for me. Therefore, I am looking for a man who shares my views, who has a kind heart, who loves children and animals and who has positive attitude to this world. And of course I’m looking for a person who is ready to see my shining eyes and wide smile every day.