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Single Ladies
About myself
I am active, optimistic, purposeful and inquisitive person. I evaluate any event in life as an experience. Also I am open to any events in my life, ready to know and learn new things. For me any experience is much better, than to avoid chances and possibilities, given by life. I am not the one, who will sit and wait what will happen next. I will take the chance! Life is only one, and I want to enjoy everything that it gives to us!
As I am very active, I love sports, yoga, jogging, and also swimming. I love to keep myself fit and healthy. I love outdoors, and picnics. I can’t sit at one place for a long, I want to have more of bright memories, so I am not the one, you will be bored with! Like anyone else, I like go out with friends to cinema or theater. Also I am fond of psychology, and read a lot on this topic.
About him
I am looking for a man, who will combine in himself a lover, a friend, and a partner. A person with whom I can build a trusting, warm, deep relationship. A relationship in which people move in the same direction.
Relationships that fill in and make better us both. The most cherished qualities for me in man I want to find are purposeful, kind, active, open, and positive!
I cherish sense of humor, and deeds, I think that the actions of person cat tell a lot of his character. Like all the women I love beautiful words, but actions are more important to me. I think the one, who will give me his coat in the cold weather takes care of me more, than the one, who says I should wear more warmly :)