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Single Ladies
About myself
I am not looking for a penpal. I believe one real meeting is better than 1000 words! But I also understand we do not have another choice because it is an international dating site. But please do not write to me if you do not want a real meeting in the future! Thank you for understanding!
Not looking at my young age, I feel to be a mature woman. I started my adult life early, I started to work since I was 16 years old and from that time I am at myself.
I am not looking for my young boy! Please understand me! I am looking for a mature man who made wise with life experience! I prefer my man to be older than me because of a few reasons and I will tell you them later!
I can tell so many things about myself, but I prefer you to ask me! I am just a normal single woman!
About him
I would like to meet just a normal man. Seriously, I do not have any description of my ideal man in my head. I suppose it might be the combination of a great sense of humor, charming personality and good looks, he should not be a young guy, I prefer a man being wise with life experience. Whatever it will be, I can sense this. You can call it chemistry :D