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About myself
I love little things in life and have great appreciation for them! I am open and kind woman, who is able to love. I am a purposeful one and resolute, if I have something in mind most likely I will get it). I like sport, and when I was a child I did gymnastics, now fitness is my passions). I like humor, and I can laugh at my self . People who know me say I am not mercenary. I am rather a giver, I take care of other people and feel happy knowing I could help someone. I love cooking and an evening spent with friends and a home-made pizza sounds great to me)). Would you like it too?)Traveling and seeing new places brings me joy and make me dream, and when I dream, my energy is high and I am ready to conquer the world).
About him
I need a man who does not give empty promises and always keeps his word. He is honest, kind and open just I am. Yes, I think people who want to be a couple should have some similarities in character, though obviously opposites attract. My future partner is surely an affectionate romantic, he loves children and he can appreciate his woman. He is not afraid to take responsibility. I would like us to spend quality time together and he should respect my hob-bies and interests as much as I respect his.