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About myself
If you look at my profile then my pictures could take your attention at least for a while) please, do not judge too strict I am new here and not only here but this is the first time for me in general, I have never been on a dating site before. As they say, newbies are lucky) I am a well-educated woman, I am a goal-oriented person and I believe that everything is possible, so I guess my glasses are half-full always. I am smiley, kind, and really compassionate, I never pass by if somebody needs my help. I have a wonderful sense of humor. I am an easy-going person, people always can easily find common ground with me but only for one reason, if they will be honest and kind to me too and I am a woman with whom you will have to talk because I cannot read minds. If you are looking for a decent and intelligent lady, then we definitely should talk and know each other better.
About him
First of all, I am looking for an honest man, I would never be with a man who is indecent and deceiving. If you just fooling around, please do not contact me. I want my man to have a kind heart and also to be generous and with an open mind. I won’t be able to understand a man who does not keep his promises and words. I would love to see in my life someone as easy-going as I am with a sense of humor and intelligence.