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Single Women
About myself
Whilst "whirling passion" is such a cliché today to describe someone like me, I’d characterize myself as a "rocking wave" – the one, which surfers strive to saddle that much. I can be illogical and unpredictable – but only to an extent to drive you up (what life this is without a drive?). Nobody is going to be bored in our marriage. Seek for boredom? Marry Latvians, not me. I don’t expect to be a game-changer for you. But you will highly appreciate me, I’m sure.
About him
Aside from boring phrases like "supportive, caring, earning, and loving children", I’d like you to be real, first of all. Your heart’s passion should make your internal fire burn – so loudly, to out-shadow the rest of dudes who are gray and tiny compared to you. Yes, I see you as a strong personality who goes forward without thinking about those naysayers who only drag him behind. The world isn’t built by baldheaded office rats – it is built by men of passion and of the strongest faith. That’s what I so eager you to be!