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About myself
What can I say about myself? I guess I am a special woman; I am not like others) what differs me? My life is full of kindness and love, it is love for life and my close people. I always follow my heart and make my decision only relying on my inner feelings. In my life I always do what I want, if I want to change sometimes I just take and change it. I had a huge turn in my career, it was risky but I never regret it. I make this world a little bit more beautiful and bring happiness to many people. I came to this site with serious intentions to find a suitable partner for me and if I get lucky even to fell in love, and it is not just an adventure to me. I am such a kind of woman who can be impressed only with kindness, tenderness, and care. My woman’s intuitions tell me that I am going to meet here a wonderful and loving man) write to me if you feel the same as me.
About him
I do not have any extra demands towards my man, I am not looking for a perfect man because I know that there are no perfect people, I am just looking for a man who will be with me at the same wave, who will hold my hand through a difficult time and enjoy with me happy moments. I want to have a loyal man, such kind of man who I would trust one hundred percent. Yes, that is how I want to trust my man and I always notice if he is hungry or ill or just tired after work. I want harmony in relationships, only this way it will work for me.