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About myself
I am a versatile young woman, interested in many things, as I believe a person should develop himself, broaden the horizons and learn interesting things!
I am a very optimistic and positive person:) yes, so is my personality! I am also purposeful, it really helps me to achieve goals:) another my quality is kindness. I love to learn, as life gives us so many opportunities! I put my energy into discovering something new! If I love and want it – I do it!
About him
I see my future with a man, who will be my love, joy and support in life. He respects me and my child. He is loving and understanding...he is a man, to whom I will be not only a wife, but also the best friend, someone he could tell absolutely everything...he is a man, with whom we could overcome any hardships (as I know one has to work for successful relations ) and remain strong and happy family. He has sense of humor, likes to discover….he is a life-loving man)))