About myself
I'm very warm, calm and sweet lady. I know that I can give everything to my man. And know I'm not exaggerating. Yes, many women here defeat me by their age, but they do not have the experience, wisdom and maturity that I own! Sometimes you catch yourself thinking that you are waiting for opportunities, friends, waiting for a new employer or a loved one, when they come into your life. In fact, they are waiting for you! When you release in your life a place for them. I freed my place for a beloved man. And is there in your heart a place for me?
About him
I want to find my own, real, close second half, which will only belong to me and together we will conquer this world. He will support in any time and in any situation, whatever the cost. He will come to me on the other side of the world if I need or if it is necessary. I want to find an intelligent, cheering and joyful man. I want my man to have a noble look and not only outer but also an inner beauty! Are you noble from all sides?
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