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About myself
I hope that my first experience on the dating site will be successful, it is not a game for me or some kind of adventure, I took it pretty seriously. I am a serious lady with good and bad values) I do not want to scare you so let’s not talk about bad traits, all I can say right now is that I am a sensitive caring, and easy-going woman, I am always ready to talk and listen to my man, I always ready to understand him but there is one condition) nothing difficult, he just has to listen to talk to me. I am a woman who does not like to lead any active style of life, I am fond of running, I am fond of sports and going to the gym. I do not demand from man to be this way; he can lead his own lifestyle but I would love to feel his support. Being a confident and determined woman in my life I have a lot of tenderness to give.
About him
I am a mature woman so I want to meet the same man like me, I want him to be responsible, reliable and someone I can trust. I need a man with whom I will feel this thrill and romantic stiff. I want to have a man by my side who makes me laughs when I'm sad, who is able to feel my heart and hug me at the right time. The man with whom I will feel a real woman, with whom we'll laugh and cry, dance and tried to fall asleep together. I’m looking for one that is totally different from others, not ideal, with lots of flaws, but I need only one who can really love.