About myself
You have already understood, that I am a woman who likes different active things and hobbies, and now it is time to give you a hint about my personality… correct?) everybody who knows me say that I am calm, pacifying lady… and I am glad about that, especially if people who surround feel comfortable and safe with me) and also… I am a family-oriented one and I love making jokes around!)) so, it may be interesting for you to get to know me…)
About him
I will be immensely curious and happy to meet my man here!) a person who will maybe be my beloved and sweet husband in the future… ) and now let me describe you the man with whom I want to share my happiness, my life, my heart… well, he is a very easy-going personality who sees life in positive and kind colors, because he is kind and has much care inside, he is always willing to share it) and you know, I think people with good sense of humor are always kind and cheerful!) I love making jokes around, so I will be endlessly happy to share my humor with my man) are you ready to laugh and share your heart?)) I am ready for sure!
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