About myself
Who I am? I am a lady who likes to think that our world is terrific and wonderful!) I am sure about it not only because I am optimist, but because I love to communicate with people. So, I am blithesome woman) Most of all, I value my family, friends. They say sometimes that I have energetic and a bit extreme character. I think it is a plus for me. Every woman should be versatile, how do you think? And of course… there is no happiness without humor! I love it!
About him
Are you made of kindness? I will explain why I am asking. You see, I have always thought that a kind person can be gentle to other, especially to family. I have a feeling that I really want to meet such man, he is someone who can think about his close people with kindness and I am sure that he can give lots of care) I am a woman and it is so nice to sense attention, fondness and love from a man who is close to me. All this is wonderful pledge of strong and happy relations. Do you agree?) I love to enjoy sport hours in a gym, maybe my man will join me there? It will be so interesting to train together!) so, kind man… I’ll be waiting your reply!)