About myself
Well, I am the woman who has already gained some life experience, but haven’t lost my hope for happiness yet. I am the one who has a warm heart, a kind soul. A simple person who is looking for her soul-mate. I am the one who knows the value of a sincere talk, the one, who is full of affection to share with her only one man. Behind my eyes you will see my openness, believe me it is genuine)) So if you like energetic women with a good sense of humor – here I am)))
About him
What a difficult question to discuss… I just want to love and be loved. I am not looking for a prince, though they have their right for existence too;) I just need a person to talk to, to rely on, to feel his care and warmth. I am sure his presence in my life will make my marvelous life even more colorful)) I have heard that the most precious thing we have is our attention. So if I get some from you, I will appreciate it highly. I am on the move all the rime, so if you an easy-going man who is ready to enjoy all the activities this life can offer – let’s join together;) It seems to me that we are all looking for the same here, but I hope to be lucky in my search so much;)
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