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About myself
First of all I am lady who is true to myself. And I know for sure that I will be true to my sweetheart. :))) I am confident, warm hearted lady with a positive and sunny energy. Without a false modesty I can say that I am beautiful inside and out. I have no doubt that my cheerful and playful personality, my genuine care and love will give much pleasure to my man. I am communicative person and love communicating with interesting people. I am very curious person and I always learn something new. I know how to keep up a conversation with people. I like to develop myself: I know the secrets of grooming from a face to the toes. But I do not neglect developing my talents no matter what happened. The true secret of happiness and harmonious relationship for me lies in having a true love, loyalty, honesty, respect and kind attention with my man.
About him
I see by my side a strong man. He is strong not for the purpose of limiting my freedom. He is a strong man to make me feel a true woman that needs his loving care, protection and support. He is a man who wants to make me happy.:))))) I am looking for intelligent, understanding and kind person. He does not like sitting and doing nothing. He is leading an active life like me. He knows how to enjoy and explore life. I am looking for life where every day is a new adventure filled with love and laughter. My man is generous. He is generous first of all to himself: with compliments,care, love and support. We feel happy around each other and inspire each other to learn something new. Be brave to unzip your heart and step into my world. If we were meant to be with each other- then no need to hesitate. I hope you are intrigued enough to dare for more…:)