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About myself
I'm a very positive and optimistic woman. I prefer active life and of course healthy. I am positive ,optimistic and try to see all the good sides in everything. I am not touchy and appreciate faithfulness and discussing of situation. The dialogue skills are important in everything especially in relationships. My dreams are family, cozy and full of love house and travelling together. All I wish is to meet a man with the same values.
I want to start from my love to cars. Yes, yes I have such unusual interest as for a girl :-). So we will definitely have something in common to talk about) I lead active and healthy style of life and most of my hobbies are connected with it. I like to visit gym and try to make it regularly because if you want to have good body you should work for it :)). I also play tennis. It helps me not only to keep my shape but also to free myself from negative emotions and as a result to feel better. Another my passion is riding It is not only a kind of sport for me it is first of all is communication with good, smart and noble animals. Another my interest is travelling, I like to discover new places and cultures.
About him
My future beloved man is someone special. He is self sufficient and stable, honest, kind, accurate with extraordinary sense of humour. Men who respects woman and values family. He takes care of himself and leads healthy style of life. I have a lot of love and have big wish to share it with my beloved and only man. I believe that if two people have the same goal they can do anything for it.