About myself
I'm a very realistic and same time optimistic lady… I believe that we would never value sun without rain. I am trying to find inspiration in everything. If I get some problems then I transfer them to task and successfully decide and solve them. I am full of energy, temperamental, curious and understanding and same time I am very simple and flexible to different life situations. I understand that life is life and it is hard to feel and value happiness without difficult days so I am very supportive person to whom you can rely on.
About him
I really hope to find a kind, understanding man who is ready to be together in all times. I hope to see and feel that he is cheerful, simple, calm and responsive person...it is important for me to know that he likes animals and have a good relation to children. Honesty and sincerity are also very important for me. Age is not so much important for me...the most important is relationship - mutual understanding, attraction and love between us. I am sure that together with such man we can make this life much brighter!
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