About myself
I am a calm, kind, and positive person.:)) I have many different interests and know how to enjoy life to the fullest. I am a passionate lady, so romance and affection are important for me.:)) I like smiling and, being sociable, it is easy for me to meet new people. Faithfulness, responsibility and kindness are the key words for me. I also have a good sense of humor. At least, my friends tell me so!;)) You can check that if you want!;) It will be my big pleasure!
About him
I dream to meet a man, who will be similar to me :) I hope him to be calm, cheerful, kind-hearted, sincere and attentive. Faithfulness and honesty should not be empty words for him. I need a real man, who is not afraid to explore the world of happiness with me.;)) I am sure that being a positive person he will enjoy smiling and have a good sense of humor.:))) But the most important is that his heart will be open for the most wonderful feeling in this world!!! Guess what?! For Love, of course.:))
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