About myself
I am a very energetic, cheerful, charismatic, creative and purposeful woman with a sense of humour. I like life in all aspects. I respect the opinion of other people and expect the same in return. I consider myself easy-going and wise. Sometimes I like to dream in silence being close to nature. I appreciate understanding, care and freedom. I want to be not only a beloved woman for my man, but the best friend as well. I have a positive approach to life and I can charge others with positive emotions. I am glad to see people happy.:) I think family is the base that allows us to go ahead and overcome the difficulties. I value faithfulness, loyalty, honesty in people.
About him
I see my beloved man as reliable, confident, attentive and caring. I hope he will be honest, kind, easy-going, energetic and with a sense of humour. He will be special for me, a man who will make me forget about everything around. I am looking for a man who has a lot of love in his heart. I believe our future will be full of mutual love and romantic moments. I want him to love and appreciate me and share some common interests. It is a challenge to find that special someone with the right qualities. I long to find him.
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