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Single Ladies
About myself
I am very kind and cheerful by nature. I start my day with a sunny smile. My light emotional mood will cheer up the man and give special brightness to the relationship. I am caring and gentle, I know how to create a comfortable environment after a hard day at work. I will always support my man in difficult times and in any beginnings. Together we will enjoy every positive, joyful day. My sensitive inner world will help maintain balance in the relationship. My heart is open and filled with happiness, ready to share with my beloved man. I dream of a happy family built on the basis of trust and love for each other. I really want to love and be loved!
About him
I want to give all my warmth and affection to a serious caring man. I hope to build strong, fundamental relationships based on mutual support and sincerity. Together we will find a source of inspiration and happiness and create a strong family.
A loving and caring man will uplift me and make me feel cared. His compliments and affection would let me feel like he would follow me to the ends of the Earth.