About myself
A charming, sociable, caring, gentle woman. I can be characterized by my close people as good, fair, responsive, active, cheerful, and with humor! It is everything about me! :-D I love cooking delicious dishes and to make my home comfortable! I have a wide circle of interests. I’m very sociable, so I get along well with people. I will surround my man by my affection and care –I have a lot of them!
About him
I am looking for a man for serious relationship and marriage. I can imagine him as confident in the future, who knows what he wants from life. He is caring, loyal, honest, gentle and reliable man! Easy-going, and creative- it is all about him. He is not afraid of difficulties and can come up with solution for any problem. We will always have something to talk about and to do together. I am not searching for someone handsome, but there is light and fire in his eyes. He should be a strong wall, purposeful and reliable. With such man every woman wants to feel fragile and feminine.
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