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About myself
I am graceful, healthy, tender, fragile.I like to be fashionable, to treat myself and my body. I love to make my house and things around me cozy and beautiful. I understand how difficult it is to work hard, to be responsible, to be strong. And at the same time, we all know how life is transformed when there is joy, beauty and a loving person nearby. In my opinion, love, care and respect - are three main things on which love will last for a long time.
About him
I am looking for an intelligent, confident, responsible man, whose goals are to love, to enjoy life, to be realized in the family. Who is optimistic and kind, leads the healthy lifestyle. I dream to build a great family in the future where there is love and respect, passion and common interests between us. I so missed the man`s shoulder near me, I want to fall in love again and for always. I am ready to give my care and support to a man who will be near me.