About myself
At work I am purposeful, responsible, pedantic, ambitious, I have an active life position. I am a family-oriented woman, I like to make cosiness at home) I always communicate hearty, with respect and polite. I am the person who aspires to harmony and balance. I do not like bustle. With confidence I can tell that I like to develop and I aim to it… Also I can add that I am tender, soft, smiling, romantic and sensitive. I like beauty: beautiful things, buildings, people:) I accept criticism easily, it helps me to analyse and achieve excellence.
What do you dream of? To have a full family and live in a large house where we all can gather together.
About him
I would like to find a man with active life position, well-educated, gallant and with good manners. A man who has high moral and ethical values. It would be nice if he has the same interests as mine that we could move in one direction. I highly appreciate if he loves animals and he is diversified. I would be happy to find a man who could recharge me with his life energy and make me to follow him to any place of this world:) Is it you?