About myself
I am a kind and caring woman. And now I want to meet a man, I could give my care to:) I am even-tempered and loyal. I enjoy family life! I am a good listener and can always give some good advice. I can be a good friend for my future partner, but I also know how to be a real woman – passionate and sexy:) I love animals - they always make me smile:)
About him
The man of my dream is reliable, loyal and caring. I would like us to take care of each other:) he cherishes family traditions and family holidays. For me it is very important to gather the whole family for some big event. He is non -contentious and calm. I don't want to waste time on quarrels and arguing. I want to enjoy life:) he also loves animals and children... he has good heart and ready to open something new with me:) he is a real man and can make the first step to win a woman's heart:)
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