About myself
Though I may call myself really an active woman, who is responsible and goal-oriented in professional sense at the same time I am absolutely balanced with my emotions and calm lady. In relationships I am caring, gentle and supportive. It is very important for me to feel honesty from people around me. Being respectful to every human being, animal and creature is also one of my life's motto. Also I can consider myself to be a good friend, attentive listener and someone, who can accept people the way they are... But I prefer to be humble lady, so I am open to questions, you are very welcome to ask ;)
About him
I am not looking for a perfect prince, I a looking for a king of my heart! I hope him to be motivated, purposeful, hard-working, confident, adventurous man with a kind heart and who is cheerful and positive. I would also highly appreciate romantic attitude to me as his one and only lady. The sense of humour and love to animals is welcome! :DD LOL I hope that my future beloved will share the same things in life which are important and meaningful to me... ;)
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