About myself
I am a very sociable woman:) I just love to meet new people and make new friends. I believe, that every person in our lives was sent us to learn something. I am kind, tender and well educated. I am unhesitating, only having this quality, in my opinion, it is possible to fulfill your dreams. I try to improve myself in everything and I work hard on it. I try to achieve my goals! !
About him
To my mind, I already know what man I want to meet to spend my life with. He is well educated, self-made, successful and generous. He knows how to behave with others and his beloved woman:) He passed the road to success and appreciates what he has! I want to meet a man, who can give his family care, tenderness and attention. He loves children and isn't afraid to take responsibility. Just like me, he just wants to find love and ready to travel the world to meet it:)
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