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About myself
In any difficult life situation, I remain an optimist. I consider myself a pretty, small and fragile lady who needs a strong and confident man. I love reading books and falling asleep to the sound of the rain outside the window. I am very friendly, kind, and most importantly an extremely honest person. For a complete feeling of happiness, I do not have enough of my soulmate, otherwise I consider myself a holistic person.
About him
I really want to meet here a determined and strong-willed man who will be my hero and partner in life. My beloved must be responsible and reliable, I want to feel his hand in mine always, both literally and figuratively. A sense of humor is also a very important criterion, especially in this cruel world. I love to receive compliments and like many women love attention and surprises, even a flower collected in the field will be a pleasant surprise for me. I love surprises.