About myself
I am feminine, with a good logical thinking; I like to talk, but I am also able to listen and give advice. I am straightforward and honest, and I will never betray a person who trusts me. Friendship is not empty word to me. I think well before making important choices, but do them without regret. By character I am very friendly, peace-loving, tactful, with good taste. In relations I search for harmony, love and care.
About him
I am looking for a real man who will be my best friend for the whole life and my support in any situation! The man of my dream is reliable, kind and caring. He wants to create a friendly, big and loving family. I am ready to inspire and support my man in all his beginnings. Between two of us we can discuss everything and solve all the problems in peaceful way. I am looking for an honest, genuine man who knows how to please his woman:) I want to meet a man who will always appreciate me and trust me in any situation.
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