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Single Ladies
About myself
I am pretty, educated, honest, and kind of shy, who doesn't mind meeting a man from anywhere in the world!!! Trust me: to know me is to love me, just take my words!!!
I do not search for the country for residing, but only a person for life. I very much want to love and be loved. I can name myself a decent, sincere, intelligent, and sensual lady. I very much love the nature, the sun, water, any landscapes and all beautiful.
I Like to listen to rain behind a window, having wrapped up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate; I adore to look football; I dream to find Antarctica and to visit on the North Pole)))
My day begins with a glass of fresh coffee and juice in the morning. My dream is to change my daily routine. I want that in the morning to start not with juice and coffee is better than a warm sleepy kiss with my beloved. I can be a person who will show how much love can be. I respect the personal space of every person and do not like deception and hypocrisy. I love to smile and see smiles around.
About him
Life is a journey, not a destination - let's enjoy the ride! I do not search for any flirtation, only true love. I very much want to love and be loved. I'm looking for someone who is Realistic and Serious, someone who is interested in a serious relationship... who knows how to give warmth to women and need for it no less. Someone who is free, emotionally mature, intellectual, gourmet... self-confident in his own eyes... not for me )) Experience, success, independence - that's about him... A man who can make his own decisions and take responsibility for them. Capable for small recklessness...or vice versa - who could keep my "roof" when it blows ... Choose what is closer to you ...)) Life is like a piano: White keys, happy moments and black keys are sad moments. But remember, both keys are played together to give sweet music. Any way I will be very happy if I find a man who can make and keep my smile. :)))))
And one more! If we meet online and you look nothing like your pictures you are buying me drinks until you do!