About myself
My family and friends say that I`m loyal, trustworthy, honest, reflective, calm, outgoing, funny and a good friend. I am strong, but at the same time tender and vulnerable person. I still believe in people, wonders and Santa Claus! Haha I am honest person, that is why I can not stand betrayal and lies. Also I am always optimistic, and I look into my future with trust and hope, and I believe that everything will be great.
About him
I have only one main thing missing: honest, kind and loving man, who is willing to share my enjoyable, emotionally rich but otherwise simple life with me in love, peace and harmony... with him I will share my soul, heart and my love. For me age is just a number, the main thing is how person relates to another person. Open communication and honesty are very important for me. I believe that one important aspect of love is to understand each other emotionally, physically, spiritually through honest and mutual communication.
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