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About myself
To begin with, I am a very sociable, romantic, energetic, kind, patient, enthusiastic, and ambitious lady with a great sense of humor and I like to pass on all my positive energy in order to cheer up my close people. Frankly speaking, I have a good moral background and family values. What is more, I am a tolerant person I have nothing against other religions and beliefs. I suppose each person is responsible for his life, health, actions, and happiness! In my opinion, I am very sociable and can find a common language with any person in different situations. I would like to say that I am a high-qualified cosmetologist. To my way of thinking, it is a very interesting, useful profession that is in high demand. It was my lifelong dream to help people and improve their life for the better. It brings me inspiration, motivation, and happiness. What is more, I am passionate about reading, traveling, designing clothes, and cooking. Not only am I an all-rounder and fond of many things, but I also love visiting charity events, concerts, and festivals. That is why I always do my best to develop my skills and get new knowledge with big enthusiasm. I tend to lead an active lifestyle, and I am always in movement. Therefore, sport helps me to stay in good shape and actually I am engaged in fitness. To be honest, when I need to relax I tend to hide away from the world going off the beaten track and exploring new exciting places.
About him
When I close my eyes, I imagine my future partner who is strong, reliable, persistent, kind, honest, responsible, successful, and with great manners. I feel these qualities are essential basics for long-term, stable and happy relations. We would have common interests and care about each other romantically with a big passion. I’m looking for a like-minded partner with goals and plans in life. I appreciate trust, understanding, respect, honesty, and loyalty.