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About myself
I ma a decent person. I don’t like lie and manipulation and can’t stand such features in people also. I am always caring for loved ones and I do it from all my heart. I am also an ambitious lady and this feature helps me to gain my aims. I am able to find compromise and listen to people’s opinion and I respect people’s opinion, religion, etc. and never argue about it.I think my profession gives me a lot of argues so I never take it to my personal life. Smile
I like the same as almost all people do. I like to read an interesting book, I like watching good movies, I even sometimes I watch old movies which I watched long time ago just because I liked it. Smile. In my spare time I visit gym and that is a good thing for health, for good shape and even for mind.Smile.
About him
In men I value intelligence, ability to keep his word and not only promise. For me it would be easier to find common language with a man who has good sense of humor, who is kind and not conflict. Also mutual understanding is important for me in relations between people and it is necessary to be on the same wave and look in the same direction with your partner. I am ready to a new step in my life and have a desire to give all my care and tenderness to my beloved man…