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About myself
To begin with, I am a smart, romantic, calm, reliable, serious, kind, open, persistent, communicative and ambitious person. I value honesty, trust, and sincerity. Moreover, I am passionate about reading in foreign languages, traveling, cooking and stretching. Every day I pay a lot of time on my education, I do my best to develop myself in different fields. I do my best in order to see all the positive sides of life and try to be a better version of myself every day with big passion and enthusiasm. I am a single Ukrainian woman who believes in wonders to find a good partner on online international dating sites. In my opinion, we create our own destiny and are responsible for our future.
About him
In terms of his character, he should be serious, kind, patient, tactful, supportive, self-controlled, strong, reliable, generous, responsible, intelligent and honest. I desire to find my partner who is close to me in spirit, so our communication would bring happiness and pleasure. I want my future partner will never break promises and be ready for long-termed relations. To be honest, I desire to meet someone who shares my temperament and interests with me. I am looking for a special man who will fill my life of happiness, peace, hugs, real love, mutual understanding, respect, care, kisses and harmony. Online international dating agents will help me to become a wonderful Ukrainian wife and be loved.