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About myself
My strengths: I am open, sincere, honest, and easy-going, (femininity and strength of character are combined in me, I’m like an indomitable Angelica). As soon as I think about something, and quickly it appears in my event flow, these are not always necessary things or events, so I learn to manage this superpower), studying the work of the brain helps me a lot in this. I am sociable, I love people, I am interested in them, I can notice their talents and help people see their own inner beauty. I would like to develop in the field of relations between a man and a woman, and female self-esteem. I like to study, read, and find new blogs, articles, and studies on the topic I am studying.
I am constantly working on my growth. I am stubborn and if I want something, I will go through any thorns to my stars) I think that my goals need to be expressed clearly, so I write them on paper, in general, I work a lot with a notebook, write out, analyze, and work through them, this is also very helpful.
My vision of life: I will reach a new level of thinking and as a result of life, I will settle in a beautiful house, I will find a business that will become my mission in the near future, I will enjoy my work and money as confirmation that I am going the right way. I will be able to take better care of myself, see new countries and meet new cultures. With this excellent condition, a man will appear with whom we will be close in spirit, we will be easy and interesting together, we will have a similar sense of humor (I am cheerful, I like to joke with friends), we can create a family or relationship with similar tastes. I spend a lot of time with a wonderful son who is 7 years old, we are interested in making different discoveries together, dreaming, and having fun. I want to contribute to the world and make it a little better))
About him
I would like my man will be courageous, strong, purposeful, and with a good sense of humor.