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Single Ladies
About myself
What makes a woman mysterious? From my experience, it’s going to be that one woman who speaks so much in her silence. She’s gonna be that one who sticks in your mind for a very long time, not knowing how or why, but she just does. I am like the sea, a walking contradiction, a storm. Calm and peaceful yet turbulent, have so much depth and turmoil underneath. I am quiet and reserved, adore cooking and dancing, sportive and feminine. I'm fashionable and open. With me you can have the most mind-bending conversations and debates about anything and everything. I am soft-spoken yet outspoken at the same time. People think that I am really nice but definitely not a pushover.
About him
Сaring, loving, attentive, kind, with a sense of humor, strong-willed, moderately strict and well off, he is like-minded with me