About myself
Shortly about my personality.. I can describe myself with these words: loving, generous and kind! I am a moderately emotional and open person who likes to smile and have fun. So, you can easily say that I am cheerful and positive:) I am communicative and like to spend time in an interesting company. I like kids and spending time with them and ready to accept kids of my beloved one like my own! Also appreciate my time and the time of other people. There is much more I can share about myself….
About him
They say that to make a good couple we need to be something similar and something different with our man. So, I want to see my man smiling, positive and cheerful the same like I am. But at the same time to know that he is strong, reliable, honest and fair. A person of a word with the stable life position and clear vision of what he wants from life! He is also kind and loving of course:))