About myself
I am a sensual, energetic, active person and always try to see the brightest sides of life. I am sincere and open, that is a good base for strong relationship I think. I appreciate friendship, and hope me and my future husband to be the best friends too. Normally if someone goes out of their way to do something for me, I return the favor many times over and do something for them. You will never get bored with me and I am absolutely sure that any activity becomes more fun with a beloved person. ;) I have a great sense of humor and prefer a positive approach to life.
About him
I see my beloved man as a reliable husband and friend. He is loyal, educated, without bad habits. I need someone special who will make me happy and who will feel happy being with me.
I would like to have a kind, responsible, with a sense of humor man next to me. I believe our future will be full of tender and romantic feelings. I want him to love and appreciate me and has the same values as me. With love, all human flaws are surmountable.
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