About myself
I am a very romantic woman who still believes in miracles. Therefore, I believe that everyone has his own second half and everyone deserves to be happy! I am a calm, sympathetic, very kind and generous person with a big heart and soul. But I think I am a little trustful. I am always ready to help people in need, because I have an increased sense of justice.
About him
I would like to find a man, who will be purposeful, initiative and self-assured enough. I want him to know what he is doing and to know what he wants from life exactly. I want my man to be attentive, caring and careful. And I will be happy to take care of him in return. I like generous people, like me. I would like this quality to be present in him too. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I like to do fitness and water aerobics. Therefore, I prefer men who take care of themselves, and their health.