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About myself
To tell the truth, I am a kind, helpful and supportive lady. Moreover, I enjoy spending time with my close friends. Frankly speaking, I am aware of different exciting activities. I tend to lead an active lifestyle and care about myself in a beauty salon. Furthermore, I am fond of driving a car, having a rest, enjoying nature and being with my beautiful daughters. From my point of view, I make my life full of energy, power, breath-taking emotions and harmony. I am keen on animals, shopping and fashion. However, I focus on my inner world because it is very important for me.
About him
It goes without saying, I desire to find a caring, kind, successful and confident man. We will build long-termed and strong relationships. He should appreciate my beauty, kindness, tenderness and a good sense of humor. I can't imagine my partner without honesty, kindness, generosity, care and a great sense of humor. I just hope to meet my second part. To my way of thinking, the ability to take a responsibility is the most important for stable relations.