About myself
I'm calm, humble and attentive woman. I prefer to be in a close circle of friends rather than in a noisy crew. I’m a romantic dreamer :) I adore walking on the fresh air, listening to the sound of water and see the sunset. I think that beauty of nature is never dead :) My morning usually starts with jogging and it helps me to stay energetic during the day. I like to help people and consider myself a good listener. I simply like being myself!:)
About him
My dream is to find a man who will be serious, confident and caring as I’m. He has a huge desire to create a family and finally find happiness. I would be happy to meet a man who is indeed ready for family life. I want us to love and support each other, to be best friends and good listeners. I’m very trustful woman and I do believe in words but it would be perfect if my man shows me his attitude in actions and keeps his promises :)) I want us to be as a united body... I’m dreaming about spending active lifestyle and live happily forever with my beloved:)) I know that everything is possible so let’s not give up!
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