About myself
As a real woman I can be different.:) I am a cheerful and warm hearted lady. I could be flirty and confident, yet humble.:) I adore everything beautiful, yet practical. I have been described by my friends as humorous person who knows a joke or two. :) And for sure my friends could count on me when needed. I consider myself communicative, simple and open minded. My warm and tender heart radiates femininity and grace. :) Intrigued? :) If so, I guess I really do not have to say goodbye. :) I warmly welcome your response. :)
About him
Here is the portrait of my dreams and the type of man I value. :) Who would not like a person who is full of kindness, loving and sympathetic?:) I like when man is sincere and being himself. He has a freedom to be comfortable in his own skin. I am longing to see a reliable and supportive man by my side. It is nice to meet a man who values family and who is fun to be around. He knows how to surprise and he is humorous. :) I am not looking for a perfect man, but a person who is simple and true.:) And as it is said: what you love, you empower. And what you empower you, you attract. Let’s see! :)))
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