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About myself
I am happy with my life! I have a very positive and optimistic outlook in life, for me the glass is always half full! I must admit that I have a charming personality, shining bright with my goddess energy. I think I can show you if I get the chance! People who know me say that I'm responsible, you can always count on me to be there. I like to think of myself as very responsible woman. I really enjoy meeting and working with people. I am goal-oriented at work and I like to build, create, motivate, support and learn about everything. Organizing my home is relaxing... I like to curl up with a book and spend a cozy evening at home.
Everyday is a new experience! I enjoy visiting and socializing with my friends, going to the movies, having dinner or other sport activities. Music and dance give me solace. It's so relaxing laying on the beach listening to the waves. I enjoy swimming ! I prefer to keep fit mainly with training, crossfit and running – it helps me to keep both my body and my soul in harmony. Traveling is my jam as I like adventures and learning something new!
About him
I’ m a fun-loving woman, and I hope that you're a fun-loving man too! The features of character I look for in a man are intelligence, kindness and sense of humor. I think if I find man with these qualities, I find gold :)) I'm looking for love, understanding and support in man. Looking into the loving eyes of her man woman is capable of doing many things, even a miracle. She will inspire her man, give him what he needs to succeed. Do you agree:)?!