About myself
I have quite a big experience in life and I’ve understood long ago that there is nothing more important than kindness, love, care and help we share and give to one another. I am here because I have a lot of it to share! I feel that I need a man to whom I will give my love, affection, attention and time. I am very active, full of strength, life energy and positive.... I am really ready to change my life, to love and to be loved)))
About him
I hope to meet a man who is also experienced in life, who is able to be understandable, kind and supportive. It would be great if we can share some similar interests and hobbies, which will help us to spend more time together and become even closer :)...I hope that my future man will like to travel that we can share this exciting experience together (by the way my two grown up daughters live abroad :))) I know that I can be a very good and loving wife for reliable, kind, active man)))
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