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About myself
What is harmony? The correct answer is me. ;) I perfectly combine calmness and an active lifestyle. Equally I enjoy both traveling and bright adventures, as well as cozy evenings at home watching romantic comedies. I am purposeful, easy-going and curious. I enjoy life while working at a favorite job and raising daughter. I love children and dogs. I understand people well and easily find a common language with others. I believe that any dispute can be resolved through openness and honest conversation.
About him
I dream of meeting a worthy man who will become a part of my life and family. I like sporty men, as I am an active lady myself. My perfect man has a great sense of humor. But caustic mockery and cruel irony - this is not about me, as well as it is not about my man. I'm sure that humor helps to overcome any life problems. I dream of a wise and educated man. My man will be my support, and I will be his in return. He loves to travel, just like me, and we will discover new countries and exciting places together and enjoy the moment.