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About myself
I am a balanced and very positive personality, who loves life and enjoys every moment of it! I am a very optimistic lady and I look for the bright sides of any situation:) Being communicative and easy-going makes it easy for me to establish contact with people. I think I can find common language with everybody- no wonder my friends enjoy time with me) I like being healthy and fit- I prefer healthy food, exercise and fresh air.
About him
To my mind the partner must be a soulmate first of all...So here I am searching for my soulmate! I see my beloved man as a calm, positive and caring person, who can enjoy every moment of life with me :) He is attentive to his woman, maintains healthy life and likes being active. My man will love his family and can be relied at any moment and in any situation, he makes me feel always safe and take care of me :) It will be wonderful to share my life with such a person!